Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday one-liners

"If you smoke a cigarette, you can see heaven!" --Henry

Answering the question, "What should we name your new kittens?" Jonah says, "Spark!" and Henry says, "I like Spark too. Let's name them both Spark." When told that isn't a great idea because we would get confused Henry says, "Then I'll name my kitten Bally Ball. But maybe we'll just call her Spark too because that's a better name."

"Mommy, Mommy! Bridget just said HER FIRST WORD! She just said 'duh duh duh!' Come listen!" --Jonah

After driving through a recent (and very strong!) skunk spray....(sniff, sniff) "Whoo! Something really stinks! Must be a cigarette or something." --Henry
"I need to get some exercise today so I can get my heart beeping. My PE teacher said so!" --Henry


Andrea said...

Cute Pics.
Jonah's hair looks great.

4under3 said...

Beeping and duh duh duh.

Those are so great!

Kim said...

Too funny!

And the cigarette thing... Bella and Ian get so upset when they see them on the ground, see someone smoking them... and they're not shy about voicing their opinions!

michelle said...

So what is up with Henry's cigarette obsession...hmmm. :-)

Alisa said...

That's hilarious--especially the first one!