Monday, August 11, 2008

House Tour--finally!

Well, a while ago I promised a house tour and I'm just now getting around to posting it! I guess when I was taking pictures of the house I forgot to take any pictures of the upstairs--what can I say? I'm forgetful sometimes! And my camera is still out for repair, so for now I'll just post the downstairs tour. Upstairs includes the boy's room, Bridget's room, the playroom, a guest room, two bathrooms and a living area. You'll just have to imagine all of that for now! :)

Welcome! Come inside....

This is our formal dining room:

And across the hall is the entrance to the study.

It's not an exciting desk, but we needed one and I found this at a garage sale for $10! Need to freshen up in the powder room?

Here's the kitchen! My favorite room, I think! There is a low counter at the end of my kitchen counter (lower right, in the photo) that we are able to use as a desk for the computer.

Our everyday eating area...since this picture was taken, Bridget has graduated from the highchair to a booster at the table.
Here is the living room...

And our favorite spot--the fireplace! Please notice the 19 pound Northern Pike (that Sam caught a few years ago!) and not the signed photo of Natalie Grant, which has found a new home.

This is our lovely baby gate! Bridget LOVES the stairs and has become quite proficient at going up and down them, but we still keep the gates closed for safety.

Our bedroom is downstairs as well as another bathroom and the washer/dryer. I just didn't get any great pictures of those rooms. Our bedroom shares the same wall as the living room, and we have two great big windows like the ones in that room. They all overlook the backyard, which is full of trees and birds! Stay tuned for part two of the tour--as soon as I get my camera back! :)

Thanks for joining me on the tour! Happy Monday to one and all!


Andrea said...

I love your new home!

It must be awful being without a camera!!

I don't know what I would do with myself.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I think the house is fantastic. You guys are so blessed.

You know I still hope to one day come and see you. If it never happens we will have to visit one another in our mansions in the sky.

Alisa said...

I enjoyed the 'tour' again. I especially liked the picture of Natalie Grant :) I think that's a new decoration since I visited...haha
I do hope the weather cooperates on Wednesday and I join you at the pool!

michelle said...

Looks awesome! So happy for you guys!

I didn't realize you guys were TL's this summer....good for you!

Hey come to SA next summer with TM as TL's. Would be great to meet you guys and it is a wonderful trip.

Heidi Jo said...

lovely. i am sure that it is filled with laughter and love, the best decorations anyone could have.

Kim said...

Great tour! But the pics don't do it justice! I guess they never do! :)