Tuesday, September 23, 2008

George Bush and the blue gills

My favorite line this week came from Henry as we pulled into the garage yesterday afternoon......"Mommy, why is George Bush sitting on top of Daddy's car?"




Which makes sense if you realize that Henry has recently and inexplicably re-named his female cat (formerly known as 'Bally-Ball') and bestowed the name 'George Bush' upon her. But just hearing it cracked me up! :)

While I was away playing in the mud at ESOAL this weekend, my boys got to go fishing at their grandparents house and Henry caught two little bluegills!
He was VERY excited to tell me all about it, and I found these pictures on my camera documenting it. Here's Henry holding his catch in Grammy's kitchen.
The fish have been cleaned and are displayed in a bowl...
....and here they're being fried up for Henry to partake in! He said they were really good! :)

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~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I bet George Bush would have love some of that fish as well ;)