Monday, November 24, 2008

If you were at my house after dinner tonight...

you would have seen this very helpful child washing dishes:

our teenager (I mean five year old) talking to Grandma:

and Bridget helping to clear the table:

This is what happens when I step away from the table and haven't buckled my one year old into her booster seat!


Just Mom said...


My son actually cleared the dinner table without being asked to do so tonight. My jaw dropped.

Heidi Jo said...

do they love anything more than washing dishes? my kids BEG to, and we hardly ever have 'real' dishes to wash. then i have to strip them down practically and remove all rugs from underneath them, because they tend to wash themselves and the cupboards in the process!

i love the pictures. each kids personality is so clear:0)

michelle said...

Sounds like you are doing something right!

Marybeth said...

Hey Liza..what sweet pictures. I am so missing you guys and hating to miss dinner with you today! I love you!

4under3 said...

Haaaaa! That's so great. I'd love to move next door. Someone who would understand when she stepped into our house.

Norah was on the washing machine a while back. Phew. That was a sight.

Happy Thanksgiving!