Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful day and we spent the majority of it outside.
After church Sam's dad and his brother came over to try out Jon's new gun. They were thowing skeet in the pasture behind our house. I went out to watch a while and Sam thought maybe I should shoot some too, since they were using my gun. Yes, I said MY gun. :) Sam bought me a shotgun a few years ago. I think it's a .243 but I'm not sure. I do know it's lightweight, has hardly any kick and is a lot of fun to shoot! Here is Sam with it--isn't he so cute? Sorry, I can't help myself. ;)

I haven't had much practice in the last few years and so I didn't expect too much. In the past I've been able to hit a target fairly well but was never able to shoot a moving target (clay pigeon).

Much to my surprise, I hit two of them yesterday! And like I told Sam, it's a LOT more fun when you actually hit something! :) Sam was pretty impressed with this picture because you can see the smoke coming out of the barrel--he thought that was pretty cool!

After that, Sam had to go to the local drop-in clinic to have his wrist x-rayed. He hurt it playing basketball last week and it has been hurting pretty badly--he thought for sure he had broken it. Luckily enough it was only a sprain, so he walked away with a lovely brace and is feeling much better about it, knowing it isn't broken.

The kids and I spent the afternoon raking up leaves. We took care of the leaves in the fall, but we hadn't lost all of the leaves off the trees. Even now we have many trees with their leaves still hanging on! The leaves on the ground don't bother me so much, but I know they drive Sam crazy. So we cleared half the yard--the rest will have to wait since it got dark while we were still working!

Here's a "Where's Waldo" picture:
See our silly cat, Spark, hiding in the middle? I couldn't keep him out of the piles I was raking. He didn't mind being raked over either.

Here are two of my cuties, lounging in one of the leaf piles.

And here's the other one:

It was like a wonderful autumn day tucked away in the middle of winter! :)


Andrea said...

I had no idea you shot birds.

I would love to go to a shooting range one day.

Thoses are cute pics of the kids in the leaves.

Heidi Jo said...

every girl in texas has a gun, right? :0) sarah palin hasn't got anything on you!

sounds like a fun day!

Kim said...

FUN! I love to shoot. I'm pretty good, also (at least I used to be). They say women are generally better at it than men... go figure!

Just Mom said...

You go, girl!

sam said...

Well, let me clear up a few points. First of all a .243 is a rifle. Lisa, you do own a .243, but that is what you shot your deer with. The 20 Gauge is what you shoot ducks and clay pigeons with. :) Ah, Lou, you are quite the little shooter though! Excellent use of a very versital tool.

sam said...

Kim, I shall remember what you have said here for quite some time. Especially in a setting where you would not expect a man to be monitoring the conversation. Hmmmm.... I will have to start checking more often. :)