Monday, January 19, 2009

zoo school update

Jonah still goes to 'zoo school' once a week. (For the record, it is actually called 'zoosday Tuesday' but that just didn't seem to catch on with Jojo.)

Since zoo school resumed in the fall, Jonah's teacher has been a young girl named Miss Jaime. She was really sweet and Jonah liked her, but he still missed Miss Linda (who was his teacher all last year) and he talked about her all the time. So we were thrilled that Miss Linda was back on Tuesday! She runs the program and I had just assumed that she was stepping out of the teaching part, but she told me this week that Jaime was just interning at the zoo and now we'd be back to having Linda every week.
These three were so funny! They are all a month apart in age (Bridget is the oldest, then Ella, then Daxton). They roamed the classroom while the 'big' kids did a craft over at the table. When Miss Linda read a book to the class, Daxton walked over right in front of the book and stood there grinning until Miss Linda gave him a hug. Then the other two thought that was pretty funny, so they tried it too. Monkey see, monkey do....and ironically enough, she was reading a book about monkies! :)

And I just thought this was cute. Bridget was pretty excited to have someone her size to get into mischief with at the zoo! :)


Andrea said...

Thats cute.

I checked the zoo schools here at both zoos and they both cost alot. I was alittle bummed, but oh well.

Its cute that Bridget's ghetting her own friends now.

Shanygne said...

okay...I ahve heard you talk about this before and it sounds like something we would love... what is it, how MUCH is it, and when???