Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cowboy Henry

In the last few months Henry has become obsessed with everything cowboy. He is rarely seen without his cowboy boots. He only wears shoes when I insist he does and then he is NOT happy about it. The boots he has now are actually just about worn through--and he has only had them since November!

The boots are just the beginning, however. I found cute cowboy hats for the boys a while back, so of course Henry added that to his repertoire. When he chooses his clothes every single morning, Henry picks a button-up shirt (because that's what cowboys wear, don't ya know) and jeans.

Recently Henry found a pair of chaps that I had made him years ago for a Halloween costume. Even though they are quite a bit too small, they have been added to 'the outfit' and he puts those on as soon as he comes home from school in the afternoon. To top off the entire ensemble, Henry likes to have a bandanna tied around his face.
Realizing that every good cowboy needs a horse dog, Henry has recently commissioned Elmer for the job. We don't have a leash for Elmer as he hasn't needed one in years, so Henry holds onto Elmer's collar and takes him for walks up and down our street. Yesterday, Henry found a bungee cord and walked Elmer around on it. I went out to the garage to get something and found Elmer with a bungee cord attached to his collar and the other end wrapped around the door handle. When I asked Henry why Elmer was tied up, he said "We were just playing a game, Mommy. He had to go to jail."


Shanygne said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE your blog! Your kids give the best stories and you are SUCH an incredible mom!!

Thanks for the thoughts on Katie's behavior. You could be right, but it is driving me CRAZY! So far, after one morning of holding her to a different standard, she has been much better... now, can I keep it up??

Andrea said...

Henry is such a cute cowboy!

Poor Elmer...what a great dog.

Heidi Jo said...

well i'd say he's the root-tootin'-est cutest cowbow around those parts.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Your boys sure have great imaginations. I'm 48 and can still remember playing make believe when I was Henry's age. It's a great way to expand their minds.

michelle said...

That is what happens when you live in Texas. :-)

Marybeth said...

oh lisa! how cute! We signed on to see pictures of the chickens, ducks, turkey, etc. I'm sure they'll be on later today!