Saturday, February 28, 2009

The day I became a farmer . . . .

. . . . was yesterday! :)

Yesterday Sam and I went and picked out some poultry to raise. We bought eight chickens, two ducks and two turkeys. The chickens are for eggs, the ducks are for fun and the can probably guess what they are for! We may get more later on, but for now we wanted to start small-ish and see how it goes. Sam wanted to add geese and guinea fowl and his dad suggested peacocks (!) which Sam thought was a smashing idea. Oh, dear. I can just imagine having peacocks running around on our property!

The kids are so excited about the babies. They have already learned how to hold them properly and they have spent all day today 'checking' on them. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I am too. I'll use any excuse to go out and hold those little balls of fluff!

Aren't they the CUTEST things? Seriously.

And when I was talking about how cute they are, I really was talking about the birds. But it's okay if you think my kids are cute too. :)

By the way, in this last picture Henry is holding a turkey, Jonah is holding a duck and Bridget has a chicken.


Andrea said...

How fun!!!!

They are very cute...the animals and the kids!

So when are the pigs, cows and horses coming?

Just Mom said...

Do your kids know what the turkeys are for?

Just Mom said...

Sounds as if it will be a fantastic learning opportunity for both you and your children.

Alisa said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see them.

Michelle Grace said...

How fun!