Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tuesday at the Zoo

Tuesday morning I had to take Bridget in to the doctor. She had goopy, weepy eyes for a couple of days and they weren't getting any better. They were actually crusted completely shut that morning and she woke up in a panic. When I got into Bridget's room that morning, she was standing up, holding on to the edge of her crib and screaming. It was so sad. :(
The doctor diagnosed an eye infection, likely caused by allergies. (Poor baby, she's not even two and she already has seasonal allergies.) He prescribed eye drops that cleared up the infection in a matter of hours! Modern medicine is really incredible, isn't it?
Jonah went to work with Sam so that I could take Bridget in more easily. He had so much fun at Sam's office! He didn't want to leave when I picked him up, but it wasn't too hard to entice him once I mentioned zoo school.
It was a beautiful morning, just a little chilly because of some wind. Bridget was in great spirits despite her yucky eye and she and Jonah had a blast learning about birds.
Here are my two little dare-devils climbing on a wall. Bridget was quite offended when I offered my hand to help her, so I decided to back up and snap a couple of pictures. This is how high up they were! Not a bad height for Jonah, but he's four. Bridget has fairly good balance but she is still a toddler, so I was bit nervous.....I only stepped back to take the picture and then ran back to where she was. Hee hee. :)


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

You can bet my child would have attemped a jump. We once went to the shoreline where the boats come in and she fell off a ledge like that. It was just routine life for her. Funny, now she is so quiet and calm.

Heidi Jo said...

oh i can not wait for the first real signs of spring. me and the kids will be all over a zoo day. even in my larger than life condition....although in south dakota, spring might not come until post delivery:0(

Just Mom said...

Bridget looks so grown up in that first pic! HOLY SMOKES!

Zoo days are always a hit with kids, aren't they.

Michelle Grace said...

I can't believe how bug Bridget is! Didn't you just have her??? She's adorable!