Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bridget Strikes Again!

Sweet, innocent little Bridget. She never causes any trouble 'round here. She always tries to be helpful, however she can.

Like when she decided to unroll the paper towels for me yesterday. I'm sure she realized that they would be much easier for me to use if they weren't bound by that silly cardboard roll.
Or when she relieved all of the wet wipes from that awfully confining packaging that formerly held them all so nice and neat.

I do always appreciate it when Bridget empties the tissue boxes around the house for me too. It's so handy the way that she tosses them all around the room after wiping each one carefully on her nose. And then the lovely habit she has of stuffing them all back into the box? Priceless.

Thank you Bridget, for always keeping me on my toes! :) And at least she hasn't discovered the pennies yet! (That one's for you, Ginger!)


Heidi Jo said...

i don't believe a word of it lisa. that face is way too innocent!

Andrea said...

I'm going with her....
trying to pawn off your mess on the baby! :)

Really though, I don't miss that phase at ALL

Just Mom said...

LOL. You think she hasn't discovered the pennies. ;-)

Shanygne said...

those stories sound all too familiar!!