Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't blogged in so long, and it's not for lack of something to write about! We've been busy enjoying the lovely spring weather around here and I just haven't had quite as much time at the computer. I'm going to try and catch up a bit and maybe get back in the swing of things soon.

Without furter ado: the last few weeks in pictures....
We celebrated Sam's dad's birthday here at our house. Sam was out of town for the actual day, so we had a belated dinner/cake the following week.
Dave requested "wedding cake" which also happens to be my sweet husband's favorite. Here he is pouting because he is fasting desserts and couldn't even try the delicious cake!
And speaking of my crazy husband, here he is a few days after wiping poison ivy from his hand to his eye. Not a good idea when you're severely allergic! He couldn't open his eye for three days and had to see the doctor for a steroid shot.
Bridget has found my make-up and also learned how to open doors. It used to be enough to keep the door to my bathroom closed, but now she has overcome that silly obstacle! I told her she needs to wait a few more years before I'm letting her borrow my lipstick again. :)
Henry has taken to leaving sweet notes around the house for everyone in the family. That boy is such a sweetheart!
Jonah's best friend (and birthday buddy!) moved far, far away. He misses Hailie so much!

Our church had a family picnic day a few weeks back. The theme was "Western" and it firmly cemented my oldest son's desire to be a real cowboy. Here the boys are ropin' a cow while Bridget looks on.
Henry hangin' on the fence with his friend Westin. You know, like cowboys do.
Jonah getting his groove on to the square dancing music.
Just had to show off the littlest cowgirl's boots. :)

We also had a really fun trip to Colorado over Spring Break. I put pictures of that up on Facebook, and if I ever feel caught up on here I might post some here too.
We're going camping this weekend to celebrate Sam's birthday (woo hoo!) and also Easter. Tune in next week to see pictures from Oklahoma! :)


michelle said...

You guys really are Texans aren't you. :-)

I love Sam's no cake face...so pathetic.

~Ginger said...

Love the update. I missed your FB photos and will have to check them out.

I bet that cake was amazing! Poor Sam :(

Andrea said...

We've been enjoying the weather too....I just love springtime:)

Bridget's face with the lipstick is so cute....glad I don't have that issue anymore. Of course it will come back around in a few years:)

Alisa said...

Well you guys have been having lots of fun, too now! I love all the pics. Did you have a great time Camping?
And yes, let's set a time soon--will you guys be coming out to Sky Ranch for any part of the HA retreat this week? i think we'll be out there tomorrow night and/or Tuesday sometime...Heath mentioned it, but not sure exactly. What about Thursday or Friday?

Just Mom said...

Fasting from desserts?! Oh my gosh! Good for him! I don't think I'd survive.