Saturday, May 09, 2009

Henry's drawers

I wasn't planning on blogging tonight, but I just can't resist sharing this one...

After putting Bridget to bed I went in the boys' room to check on their progress. I had left them with a basket of clean, folded laundry to put away. It had taken me a while to read stories and say prayers and get Bridget down, so I expected they would be done and playing or reading books.

Instead I walked in to find Henry elbow deep in jeans and other pants. The laundry basket was untouched and Henry had completely emptied his pants drawer around himself on the floor.

Me: "What are you doing honey?"

Henry: "I'm organizing my pants drawer. It was a MESS!"

Fair enough. I went downstairs to straighten up a bit and came back up. Henry was so excited to show me what he had done. Not only had he organized his own pants drawer, but he had also done Jonah's pants drawer and both of their t-shirt drawers.

Opening up the original drawer, Henry could hardly contain his pride in his work.

Henry: "LOOK, Mommy! I separated them all out. Here is the furry pile, here are the jeans and here are noisy pants!"

*And for those who don't speak 'Henry'...furry would be sweat pants and noisy would be track pants. Really he won't wear anything except for the jeans, but he doesn't want to get rid of any...just in case. ;)


Andrea said...

Thats cute!
Isn't it so nice when they start to put their own clothes away?!

~Ginger said...

Got a bit nervous that your little Texan was now sportin' some critters on his legs. So glad it's not that type of "furry" ones.

LOL, just too cute!

Shanygne said...

wow.... I am impressed.

Michelle Grace said...

Too cute! I love that he described them as noisy pants!

michelle said...

He can come organize Blake's drawers anyday. :-)