Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Bikes and Henry's Cowboy Party

Summer is here, and we are having fun! In fact, we're having so much fun we haven't had much time to spend here blogging...but I'd like to get caught up a little.
For Henry's birthday, Grandma and Jim sent money to pick out a BRAND NEW BIKE! Henry was thrilled and really enjoyed getting to choose his own bike. He has had plenty of bikes/trikes/and such over the last three years, but this is the first new bike he has had. After Henry picked the super-cool Spiderman bike, we realized we'd have a little money left over. So we agreed that Jonah should get a new bike too! He was maybe even more excited than Henry and has ridden his bike every single day since he got it.

The Saturday after Henry's birthday, we had a cowboy birthday party. Quite a few cowboys and cowgirls showed up and we all had a rootin' tootin' good time. The weather was absolutely perfect!
We played a few games (herd the balloons cattle , water balloon toss, target shoot with squirt guns), let the kids put each other in jail, enjoyed some cowboy boot cake,
and played with the newborn baby goat that our neighbor brought over.
Of course there were presents too! :)

It was a memorable party for our little cowboy and everyone had a great time.


Just Mom said...

Oh, how I long for nice weather so JS can get outside with his new bike. :-D

LOVE the cowboy party.

michelle said...

Gr8 Cowboy party...we haven't had one of those. I LOVE the cake!

Michelle Grace said...

What a fun party! And I love the cake! Don't tell me you made that? I'm impressed!

Lisa H said...

I did make the cake. I really enjoy baking/decorating cakes. Fun, fun, fun! :)

Kim said...

What a cute picture of your 3.... especially Bridget... that's ADORABLE of her!!!