Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Improvements

Sam has been busy working around the house, as usual!

Recently he tore down our boring old fireplace mantle, built a new one and put it up. He trimmed the living room in natural wood to match and it all looks so pretty!
He has also been busy painting. This is an accent wall in the living room....nice, huh? I LOVE COLOR! Up until now we have had only one color on all our walls, but I am really a fan of color. It adds so much to the atmosphere of a home.
After Sam finished the green living room wall, he remembered how much he likes color too. So we picked out a paint color for the dining room. We chose a beautiful shade of red and painted the back wall in that room. Then Sam used the rest of the paint and did a wall in our bedroom too. It looks awesome!

He also took the rest of the green paint and painted the back walls in two of our bathrooms. It is all so nice. I don't have pictures of the red yet, but it is gorgeous.

Nice work, Sam! You do such great work and I appreciate all you do around the house! :)


Just Mom said...

Beautiful color!

Yes, color does make a difference. I never realized that until moving in to our current home. The previous homeowners did a nice job adding color to the walls.

Heidi Jo said...

it looks awesome. how do you get a man to want to do that? paint for me? i might as well ask chad to stop and pick up maxi pads at the store. neither is likely to get done:0)

Andrea said...

Love the color!
I can't wait til me have a house we can add color too