Sunday, August 23, 2009

A lesson not quite learned

Driving home from church this afternoon, Henry and Jonah were bickering. I hadn't really noticed it brewing until all of a sudden I heard Henry shout at Jonah, "Please don't wreck my bag!"

I looked back and saw Jonah holding Henry's paper bag in a threatening manner. Asking him what he was doing resulted in this explanation...."Well, Henry hurt my feelings, so I am going to ruin his bag!"

The first thing that sprang into my mind was a memory of something I had done as a child. My brother had hurt my feelings in some way and I desired to hurt him back. He had a little Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that he really liked, so I told him I was going to ruin it....and I did. I took the thing by it's tail and hit it on the bed over and over until the tail ripped off. Only it didn't make me feel any better. Actually it made me feel much worse and years later as an adult I still felt the need to go back to him and apologize and ask his forgivness for my petty act.

So I shared this story with Jonah and tried to tie in a little bit about forgiveness....I thought I did a fairly good job. I paused to let it sink it a bit.

It was quiet in back of the van for a moment or two.

Then Jonah's sweet little voice pipes up....."You should have used a knife."


"A pocketknife. That would have been stronger to get the tail off."


Journey said...

This is hilarious! What in the world goes on in their little minds? I have no idea. This is one of those great ones you can tell about him when he's older- classic.

Andrea said...

Thats funny....maybe a little scary too :) Its those middle ones you have to watch out for :)

Looks like Bridget had a great Bday weekend! I can't believe she's 2! Happy Birthday Bridget!

Kate B said...

Oh I was laughing out loud at this story, Lisa!!! I have a similar story of me with my sister! I showed it to Art and he had the same reaction as your son, however. Boys!!!

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness! This is so funny. Glad you're posting again :)