Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bridget is TWO!

July 31, 2009--Bridget's 2nd birthday!

She started the day off with a special birthday crown.

Bridget's birthday was on a Friday this year. It also happened to be the best day for Sam to take time off work and stay home with Jonah and Bridget so I could take Henry for a special trip to six flags. So the rest of her day was spent with her Daddy and brother puttering around the yard and the shop. I wasn't there but I'm sure she had a blast!

We ended the day together. When Henry and I got home we had a few friends over (Valerie and Austie) and shared pink strawberry cupcakes with the birthday girl. I think she thought I had lost my mind when I set the lit candles in front of her. She did try to blow them out, but ended up getting a little help from Jonah.

The next night we went to a barbecue at our friend Ingrid's house. Ingrid wanted to celebrate with Bridget, so she brought her a brownie with a cute little #2 candle and we all sang for her again. I'd like to say that was the only dessert she had that evening, but the desserts were set up on a coffee table just perfect for a little two-year-old to help herself. :)

The following day was Sunday. After church we headed home for quick naps and then went out to the lake for Bridget's actual birthday party. Grammy and Grandpop, Jon and Kelly, Jordan and Matthew were all out there too. We spent the afternoon swimming and enjoying the lake. I made Bridget an Elmo cake since he is her favorite thing these days. That somehow inadvertently started a new name for Elmo around these whenever she sees him on something she calls him ElmoCake.

The boys REALLY wanted a pinata for Bridget's party. We looked at them at Walmart and decided the $20 price (and that didn't include filling it!) was just too much for something that Bridget couldn't really participate in. As we were leaving that department, Henry pulled something off the shelf. "How about this elephant one, Mom? I think it's on sale!" Now it was, in fact, on sale, but it took me a minute to see the 'elephant' instead of the 2009. Do you see it? I couldn't resist at that point and bought this one for only $7 on clearance!

Here's Bridget giving it her best shot. We started with the youngest (the birthday girl) and worked up to the older kids. Matthew gave it a few good whacks too! Jonah and Jordan took turns and enjoyed tapping on the pinata, but it really took Henry's six year old strength to bust it open. The kids had fun collecting the candy....
....and then later on Bridget and Matthew slipped inside to play in the playroom together. These little cousins are just the sweetest things and they love each other so much. I love seeing them together! If only they wouldn't get into so much trouble together--they have such a knack for causing mischief when they are with each other. ;)
It was a busy weekend full of birthday bashes, but Bridget was blessed and had a blast! :)

Happy Birthday, my precious daughter.
I am so very thankful that the LORD graced our family with you. You are a JOY to us and all who know you. You have such a gentle, nurturing spirit and always a cheerful countenance. You adore your Daddy and your brothers and can't get enough of our animals (Spark, George "Bush," Elmer and Nugget, and of course the chickens). You have an independant and adventurous streak but you still save plenty of time to snuggle. You can sit for hours at a time and have books read to you. You'll eat anything that is set in front of you and you have the best manners I've ever seen in a two year old. You love to swim and know how to hold your breath and paddle. Armed with water wings you roam the pool all by yourself. You received a pair of Elmo tennis shoes for your birthday and I have a feeling you might just wear them out before you outgrow them simply because you love them so much. Rufus is still your constant companion, but he is often joined by one or two babies (and any other stuffed animal you find along the way).
Love you, Little Boo. You are such a GIFT to us!


~Ginger said...

Such a sweet post Lisa. I can't believe she is 2 already!

Dave came in the room and heard the video. He smiled and reminded me how much fun I would have had blogging back when our girls were little. Someday Bridget will love looking back at this little video and reading your thoughts. She sure looks like her daddy :)

Blessing overflowing are our wishes for your little princess!

Just Mom said...

A very happy birthday to Bridget.

btw ... what is it about Elmo that two-year-olds love? JS was an Elmo fan when he was that age too.

Just Mom said...

Oh! Her breakfast sounds yummy too. :-D

michelle said...

Happy Birthday precious little girl. What a fun mom and family you have!