Friday, November 20, 2009

Soccer fun (Fall 2009)

This was Henry's fifth soccer season (he has played fall and spring since he turned four) and Jonah's very first soccer season. Jonah was SO excited and has been waiting to play for quite some time. I was excited for them both but a little apprehesive. I was concerned about having two kids playing on different fields at the same time, but it actually worked out pretty well. Their fields weren't too far apart and their games only overlapped by 15 minutes at the most, but usually they didn't overlap at all. It's so fun to watch my kids learn to play soccer!
Much of Henry's team has been playing together for a few seasons now so they are all great friends. Even though they lost most of their games they learned a lot about playing as a team and they enjoyed every small success. It was a great year!
Henry's team: The Jayhawks
Coach Lyle, Tyler, Bella, Madison, Ethan, Cody, Henry, Dillon, Brett.
(missing Coach Dave and Brianna)

Most of Jonah's team was first time players, but they all did surprisingly well! Jonah LOVED going to soccer but preferred to sit on the bench and cheer for his team. We had to give him a few pep talks to convince him that it is actually much cooler to play than to sit on the bench. :)

Jonah's team: The Red Dragons
Caden, Alexis, Walter, Liv, Dawson, Jase, Abby, Mikey and Jonah
(missing Coach Jennifer and Coach T)

The boys had a great fan section....most games we had Grammy and Grandpop and Ingrid on the sidelines. My friend Valerie made it out to a few games and Jon and Kelly (and family) made it to a few when Jordan was playing around the same time.

Those 8 am games were a little rough, especially as the weather got cooler,
but who wants to sleep in on a Saturday morning anyway? :)
It was a great season and we look forward to more soccer fun in the spring!

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Just Mom said...

Oh, Jonah, I prefer to sit and cheer too. :-D

I love how soccer is a family event for you.