Monday, November 23, 2009

Yard Improvements

Sam continues to find more projects to keep himself busy around the house....

A few weeks ago it was pouring a concrete pad and then installing a basketball hoop. We are LOVING having a b-ball hoop again, (it's been a few years!) and the kids are really enjoying learning to play.

Last night it was building a swing set for the kids. The boys and a neighbor boy played on it last night. Bridget was playing at the neighbor's house and didn't see it until this morning. When she got up this morning she said, "Mommy, look what Daddy built for the boys!" :)

I don't think the kids will be spending much time inside any more, with all the fun things to do in the backyard! Of course, before this they already spent all their free time outside anyway. :)

Bridget is our little outdoors girl, but instead of an outside picture I thought I'd put this one up (just because it makes me smile!). "Stickers? What stickers?"


Marybeth said...

awww how fun! I love Bridget's comment about the swing set. Guess I'll have to check in here from now on!

Beth said...

That was a cute comment from Bridget- "the boys." She is getting so big now! I love when she talks- I think she's going to have such a fun, spunky personality!

Lexi said...

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Just Mom said...

Oh, to be able to enjoy the outdoors all winter... Last week was gorgeous here, with temps getting up to the lower 50s. This week, the temps are supposed to be more seasonal and drop to around 30 by Wednesday. At least there's no snow. Yet.