Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in Texas!!!

We've lived in Montana. We know what 'snow' is all about. Our kids, however haven't been quite as fortunate. When we moved from Bozeman, Henry was three and Jonah was one. Bridget hadn't made the scene yet. :) So they don't have a whole lot of great memories of snow.
To be perfectly honest, as a toddler Henry just HATED the snow. He wasn't a fan of being cold, didn't like his snowsuit and didn't understand why he had to wear gloves and a hat. Living in an area that can see snow just about any month of the year, that wasn't such a good trait.
We moved to Texas in spring of 2006. That winter we had a GREAT snow storm. There was enough snow to have a snow ball fight, build a snowman and dive down to make snow angels in. It was great fun for a morning of outdoor play and then it all just melted away. I thought we had found the perfect location. Mild winter, still get some seemed ideal.
Then for the next few winters we didn't see so much as a teeny tiny little snowflake.

Kind of disappointing.

So this week, when the weather people kept predicting snow, I was skeptical. Actually I uttered the phrase, "I'll believe it when I see it!" They said we would get 2-6 inches.
Well 'they' were wrong. WE GOT 8 INCHES!!! And it lasted for two days!!!
We have had so much fun playing in the snow. Yesterday the boys built a snowman while the snow kept coming down. It was just beautiful. Today when we woke up there was even more snow and it was just so fluffy and perfect outside.
We've had snowball fights. We've made snow angels. We've shaken the trees to see how much snow we could dump on our heads. We've buried ourselves in the snow. We've hid out in 'snow caves' made out of bent over pine trees covered in mounds of snow. We've changed our clothes eight times because we get so wet and we don't own snow clothes anymore. We've frozen our fingers and warmed them over cups of hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. We've sledded down the hill in rubbermaid bins.
All in all I'd say we've had enough fun to make up for the lack of snow from the last few years.
And I think we'll still have plenty of snow to play in tomorrow morning too! :)
Sam's folks don't let snow stop fact, I think they enjoyed the hot tub even more this morning BECAUSE of all that beautiful snow!!!


Just Mom said...

You will understand if I don't get too excited about snow, right. ;-D

I was kidding. That stuff is fun. The subzero temps that sometimes come with it here isn't as much fun, but the snow is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having fun. My kids loved it too until they lost their power, not so good! Oh, and Lindsey got very, very sick!

I'm with JM, we don't get too excited about it up here, but I'm thrilled for you guys and the kiddos!

Being in a hot tub in the winter is the BEST! Now they need to jump out and go roll in the snow. I bet Sam would do it!!

Leslie said...

It was wonderful wasn't it?! We have had the best couple of days!!! I love your tree pictures! There is just nothing more serene and beautiful than those snow covered trees! Loved the boys in the storage fun!! We have to be inventive down here!:)

Andrea said...

It has been a lot of fun!!! I had no idea how pretty snow made everything! I'm sure it beautiful over there.

Marybeth said...

I love your snow pix! What a fun day that was for the kids. Thanks for all the photos. We miss you guys so much.