Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stalling Techniques, by Jonah

Alternately titled, "How to avoid eating your dinner"
1. "It's too hot."

2. "I don't have a fork for my pizza."

3. "Look! I got a knife!"

4. "Where's Jonah?" "I think he's under the table."

5. "I'm not sure I like pizza."

6. "Knock, knock..."

7. "Can I have a snack?"

8. "Henry has my drink."

9. "My pizza isn't cut up into bite-sized pieces."

10. "Dad, I'm just not hungry!!!"

If none of these will work for your particular situation, just let Jonah know. I'm sure he could come up with an alternate excuse for you. :)


~Ginger said...

My little one was just the opposite. Her line was, "I haven't eaten since the last time I ate!!!" You would think the poor child was being starved to death!

Jonah and Jenna would have been quite the pair if they were the same age, LOL

By the way, I never get to update you on how great things are going for Jenna! God is good!

Andrea said...

Alyssa is just like that too....cracks me up. Although she usually saves the good ones for her veggies...not pizza!

Just Mom said...


- Kailene said...

He's so tricky! ;-)

Michelle said...

Love it!