Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little game

Just for fun....

What do you think these four items have in common?
I know the picture is a bit fuzzy, so I'll help you out. Included are:

1 piece of a shingle (from a roof)
1 smashed piece of an A&W rootbeer can
1 stick
1 label from a pair of gloves

Take a guess before you click on the comments. I'll put the answer in there. :)


Lisa H said...

When I was folding the clean laundry (straight out of the dryer!) I pulled these four items out of Jonah's pants pocket. He saw them laid out on the counter where I was taking a picture and he said, "Mom! What are you doing with all my things???"

These are precious TREASURES to my sweet five year old boy. :)

Jen said...

Jonah and my Brett will be great buds!!!!

~Ginger said...

Oh my, that is too funny. Of course I don't have a clue about little boy things. My girls just carried around an old diaper bag full of everything they needed. It was hauled up in the tree hut and more than once their daddy had to run out in the rain to retrieve it, LOL

Jonah, I need to meet this little boy!

Joan said...

How precious! I don't know why I've never signed on as a follower (or as you put it, a stalker, LOL) of your blog before, but I am now.

Love your pictures of Mrs. Lee's Gardens - the kids have grown so much this past year.

Andrea said...

Thats great! I find odd things in the dryer too, but never so many treasures in one pocket :)