Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weird Weather Weekend

On Friday it was in the low 70s here in East Texas. Beautiful, sunshiny, spring weather.

Saturday morning it rained. And I don't mean just a little sprinkle. The clouds rolled in and the sky got dark and the temperature dropped to around 45 degrees. When the rain came, it came in waves.

Soccer was NOT cancelled. :) Well, to be honest, they DID cancel it. But not before they played two quarters and HENRY SCORED A GOAL!!! (He was running the ball down the field and tripped in the muddy, slippery field. He took a face-plant right into a puddle. Henry popped up, searched out the ball and kicked it right into the goal! He got up and ran back down the field, pouting about his muddy uniform. It was hilarious! He was really excited about the goal later on, after he had dried off and warmed up. :) )

Then on Saturday night/Sunday morning it SNOWED. Something like three inches. It continued to snow all day on Sunday. Crazy. (Kinda wish I hadn't already planted my garden! Who would have thought it would snow after being 70 degrees??? Sam and I ran outside with buckets and red plastic drinking cups and covered up all of our tomato, broccoli and cauliflower plants...my brother-in-law Jon had started a bunch of plants for us!)

Monday morning? Back to 68 degrees and sunny.

Welcome to springtime in schizophrenic Texas! It's a little difficult to decide what to wear these days!
Our poor garden, covered up with buckets. We had to put rocks on top of each bucket because it was so windy they kept blowing over!

The boys and Nugget enjoying a little time in the spring snow. They didn't last outside long because of that wicked-cold wind.

My little soccer star!

Bridget and Jonah pretending to enjoy the soccer game. They loved holding up their umbrellas but couldn't figure out why they were still getting wet. Jonah told me at one point that he was "covered in wetness!" Cracked me up! :)


Heidi Jo said...

low 70's is spring? that's a heat wave in the summer here :0)

well, not really. but that's gorgeous!

Michelle said...

I have NEVER heard of a spring like that in Texas! So crazy!

Jen said...

it is absolutely absurd!!!!

~Ginger said...

Love the picture of the kids sitting in the rain. We've done that a time or two.

It looks like they have their shoes on the wrong feet, LOL. We've done that a time or two as well. It made me laugh to remember my little ones from long ago.