Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pollen and Dirt

Springtime in Texas means a lovely, golden-yellow powder dusts everything in sight. It's the dreaded return of the tree pollen.

Henry and Jonah watched me scrubbing the bright yellow junk off our patio table this afternoon.

Jonah said, "Yeah, that stuff is messy! I touched it earlier and it would not come off of my hands."

Henry chimed in, "Oh, well you know that dirt gets it off! You just have to rub your hands in the dirt and it comes right off."

I said, "What about soap and water? Think that might work too?"

Henry said, "I guess. But I still prefer dirt!"



~Ginger said...

Every time you post about those two boys I just shake my head! They crack me up!

I'm sure I was meant to have girls. I couldn't stand dirty hands...or dirty anything else. Thankfully I gave up on dressing them in white!

Jennifer said...

I like dirt best too!

Just Mom said...


JS just wipes stuff on his clothes. :-D

Journey said...

That's great! Thanks for praying for the writing project- I'm starting to get pretty pumped about it. Thanks for being such a faithful friend :)