Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Picture trouble

Any other mac-using bloggers out there? I'm new to macintosh and for some reason blogger won't show me any of my pictures. It shows all my pics up to a certain date, but anything I've uploaded after that doesn't seem to be available to post to my blog. Help! :)


Jennifer said...

no idea!!! :)

Brie said...

hm.. I'm a mac user but I have no idea. I could ask my husband though since hes the big technical guru maybe he might no what's going on. Maybe its something in your settings or how you uploaded the picture? Like if you had the picture on your old machine but you don't have it on this one?

Kate B said...

it may have to do with the file path you are using to get to your photos. are you going to iPhoto > events >... then, what?