Monday, April 19, 2010

Sam's Birthday

Sam's birthday coincided with our spring vacation this year...we went to Arizona to visit my mom! We loaded our bags and headed to AZ for a week in the sun.

The kids were SO excited to be going on a plane. And they flew so well! Reading books, coloring pictures and eating snacks took up all of the time they weren't napping. I was so proud of them.

When we got to the airport, my mom and my brother greeted us right outside of security. My brother flew in from Montana an hour before we got there. It was so great to see him too!

Once at my mom and Jim's house, the kids changed into their swimming suits and hopped into the pool. Sam spent some time just relaxing, which is something that does not come naturally for him. (He managed just fine.) Jim grilled up chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers for our dinner and we had a feast to celebrate Sam's birthday.
Afterward, of course there was cake. Mom and Jim served up a divine eclair cake (Sam's favorite!) as well as a beautiful lemon pie (made from lemons grown on their lemon tree in the back yard!).
It was a great start to our trip!


Anonymous said...

Oh how great that you get to see your mom! I'm sure she is thrilled to have you.

Sounds like you learned to make great food from your mom!

Happy Birthday Sam!!! (What ever happened to Sam's blog. I miss it so!)

Just Mom said...


Happy Birthday, Sam!

Michelle said...

How fun!!