Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridget's first haircut

22 days shy of her third birthday, Bridget finally had her very first haircut.

I've been tempted to cut it before, but in the past Sam has said no. He wasn't ready for her to look 'older' or grown up or anything. His baby didn't need a haircut.Only she did need a haircut. After her shower one night, as I was combing out the tangles and trying to get Boo to sit still, I asked her if she wanted a haircut. She asked, "A short cut?" I said, "No but let's just trim it up a bit."

Bridget was very excited! I set her booster chair up on the kitchen table so she was just the right height.
We had to take 'before' pictures, of course! When Bridget's hair is dry it is pretty curly, so I was a little nervous that I might be snipping off her only curls. (Luckily enough, her hair is still adorably curly/wavy even after her haircut.)
Her hair was uneven in the back and had driven me crazy for quite some time. Nobody else ever noticed it (because of her crazy curls) but I am the one who always combed out her hair.

We didn't tell Sam. Just waited for him to notice when he got home. He actually didn't notice right away, he just kept telling Bridget how pretty she looked with her hair combed out. She always has a pretty good case of crazy hair, so people always notice when it's brushed properly. :)
I saved a perfect little coil of hair in a ziploc bag and labeled it "Bridget's first haircut", so after a few minutes when Sam didn't say anything about the haircut, I pulled it out and showed him. He was pleasantly surprised! I wasn't sure he would approve, but he thinks it looks adorable and totally supported my decision. Good thing, because it was too late to go back at that point! ;)

I didn't take a picture of it after it dried, but it is just the cutest hair style on our little Boo. She's getting so big! And now it's only three days until she turns three years old. Where has the time gone??? My precious little daughter-my joyful gift from God (who knew how blessed I would be by a little girl in our family) is growing up!


Beth said...

It's cute!

From that last picture it looks like you can see a lot more of the blonde . . . it's funny that Sam didn't even notice until you showed him the bag. Such a guy!

Jennifer said...

too cute...can't wait to see a picture of it dry.