Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bridget's third birthday

I can't believe my baby is three years old already. Seems like maybe she could be turning two today, maybe...but not THREE! :) I'm once again amazed at how quickly time can fly.

Bridget's favorite things this year would probably include: Swimming, swimming and swimming. This girl is a FISH (which is ironic to me since that was Henry's nickname for her before she was born). She already swims quite well without any flotation devices. I usually will let her swim a while until she starts to tire and then make her put on her arm floaties.

She is a sweet little girl who loves her daddy. Most who know her would think of Bridget as a mama's girl, but she LOVES her daddy. She cares more about what he thinks than anyone and she is always seeking to please him. Lucky for her, that isn't hard to do as he adores his daughter! They have a precious relationship.
Bridget doesn't (and has never) liked loud noises. She wasn't a fan of the fireworks on the Fourth of July because they were just too noisy. In the picture above, Sam had just lit a campfire and the wood was popping and was clearly too loud for Boo but she didn't want to miss out on a chance to sit by the fire! :)
A little girl at church does a great impersonation of Bridget...she pops her thumb in her mouth and grabs a stuffed animal to hold to her's hilarious! So apparently even other 2-3 year olds understand Bridget's thumb/Rufus addiction. This is Bridget's tired face. She's doing somewhat better about not sucking her thumb but we haven't pushed it too hard. (And all you moms who would love to warn me about how bad it might be for her teeth...I know! Her dentist is well aware of her habit and isn't too concerned about it yet.) I love that it brings her comfort, and it's always a sign for us that Bridget is either tired or uncomfortable with a situation.

One of Bridget's favorite people in the world is her Grandpop. She always has a smile and hug for him, no matter what else might be going on. I have loved watching their relationship develop.

Bridget is not a fan of crowds or groups of people that she doesn't know. She is the most out-going, cheerful, happy child until she is placed in an uncomfortable situation. Then she turns shy and doesn't have much to say. Often when given enough time she warms up in these situations, but it has to be on her terms...she'll warm up when she is ready. :)

Bridget is such a joy in our lives! Having a little girl is very different than having boys and I'm so grateful that God blessed us with a daughter. I am forever changed by being a mom of a daughter.

Things Bridget loves:

her brothers
wearing skirts
shoes (any and all shoes, but mostly flip-flops and sandals at the moment)
Mickey Mouse and Dora
riding her bike
George Bush (the cat who used to belong to Henry...Bridget claimed Nugget the dog as hers and asked Henry to trade with her. So now GB is Bridget's.)
taking pictures, but not having her own picture taken
reading books
baby dolls


Beth said...

Oh she is just the sweetest little thing. Little girls are so much fun . . . truly you are blessed!

Kate B said...

she is so sweet!! i always loved the way she cuddled with Rufus when I watched her in Sunday School =)

Shanygne said...

Love this!