Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bridget's birthday celebration

I already posted about Bridget turning three a few weeks ago, but it still hasn't set in yet that my BABY is three years old! I was over talking with my neighbor yesterday and said, "I'd better get home since I left Bridget over there alone." and she said, "Yes you'd better go check on your three year old." I wanted to correct her and say, "You mean my two year old!" but I caught myself just in time. :)

Bridget's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. That day Sam had to work in the morning/afternoon and we had a wedding to attend later in the day. We decided to celebrate with Sam and the neighbor kids on Friday afternoon, and then on her birthday morning her brothers and I took her to her favorite museum. We met some friends there for more cupcakes and just had a fun morning.

Even though Bridget had an Elmo cake last year, that was her request again this year. I wanted to try something new, so we made Elmo cupcakes! I couldn't find the decorator tip that I really wanted to use, so they didn't turn out quite like I pictured. It took me a while to admit it, but I do like them and think they are cute.
My good friend Beth came over to spend some time with Bridget on Friday. Boo was still napping when Beth arrived, so she helped me finish up the Elmo cupcakes. It was fun to have a little help in the kitchen, especially since I was a little disappointed in the outcome. Beth is a great encourager and helped me see the cupcakes in a new light. That's what friends are for!
After Bridget got up, we gathered the neighbor kids and headed to our next-door neighbor's pool for a little swimming. Hope and Blake came, along with their mom Kari:
And so did Claire, with her mom Simone. (It was Claire's pool that we were swimming in.)
Hope and Blake and Kari joined us after swimming for a special birthday dinner of pancakes (Bridget's request!), and then Claire and Simone came over to help us eat the Elmo cupcakes.
It was such a fun evening! Then the next morning Bridget woke up to a birthday crown and chocolate cheerios for breakfast. We had a fun morning at the museum and then headed home for some bike riding.
Grandma and Jim gave Bridget a new basket, bell and tassels for her bike and she was pretty excited to try them all out! She has been carrying Rufus and her babies around in that basket ever since.
Happy Birthday my little THREE year old! We love you and are so glad that the Lord graced us with you as a part of our family. :)


Journey said...

Those cupcakes were AWESOME! I'm just impressed you can always do things like this- seriously. I love the photo with Bridget and the tiara :)

Heidi Jo said...

the cup cakes are awesome. and bridget is beautiful!

Mary said...

it looks like she had an awesome birthday.. She's so blessed to have such a fun mom

~Ginger said...

Made a few of those cakes and such myself that didn't turn out quite as planned, but still yummy and fun!

I love the new basket filled with toys. Sure brings back memories of my girlies and their bike riding days!

Still can't believe your little girl is growing up so fast!