Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jonah at Day Camp

Jonah had SO much fun at Sky Ranch day camp this summer. He wanted (I mean REALLY wanted) to go to overnight camp. He wasn't old enough and we didn't think he would have been ready anyway. :)

Every day was so packed with activities that I don't think they had a moment of down time. They swam in the pool, went down waterslides, had Bible studies, jumped on the jumping pillow, played putt-putt golf, swam in the lake, played carnival games, went out on canoes, and rode the super-banana behind a boat. He had a blast at each activity and came home exhausted every single night.
Jonah loved all the kids he spent the week with. He actually already knew a couple of them from church, but his favorite were the counselors. Jonah was the youngest camper in his group, so he kind of became their mascot.
Jonah's two counselors were both amazing, but he really bonded with Dre (the one on the left). Every day he came home with stories of the funny things Dre had said and done. Dre felt the same way and told us that he hoped Jonah would be back next year so they could hang out again.
Each of the campers received an award at the end of the week. Jonah's was the "Got Milk" award, and as they explained it....just like everyone needs milk every day, everyone needs a dose of Jonah every day. ;)

Bridget (aka Snow White) was quite excited to pick Jonah up at the end of the week. Even though he was home in the evenings, he didn't have much energy left to play; and Bridget really missed having him as a playmate! She even offered to carry his bag out for him:

We are so glad that our kids have an opportunity to go to Sky Ranch summer camp! They are making memories that will last them a lifetime, but they are also learning more about the Lord and His plan for their lives.

Next year Jonah will be old enough for overnight camp and he can't wait! I'm hopeful that he and Henry will get to be in the same cabin...what a great experience for them!

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