Monday, August 16, 2010

Visit with family

We had the privilege of hosting Sam's cousin Andrew and family a few weeks back. They stayed with us a few days while they were in town to see Kali graduate from the Honor Academy and then they moved her up to Oklahoma for school.

We just LOVE this family! They are such a great group.

Here's TJ with the boys. TJ is the kind of guy who just always has a good attitude about everything. He got up early every morning to play with the kids and did anything they asked him.
Kali with Jordan. Sweet siblings. :)
Jordan with Bridget. She had him wrapped around her finger. And he even protected her from the evil Chuck E. Cheese when we went there to play!
Just the guys. Andrew is a lot of fun to have around. My boys enjoyed his attention very much and were so sad to see this group of guys head home at the end of the weekend.
Hopefully we'll make it up to Colorado to see you all again soon! :)


Heidi Jo said...

are there parents in the first pic? or all kids?

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing! Cute kids, your and theirs!!!

Lisa H said...

In the first picture the parents are in the middle. Andrew in a red shirt and Gina sitting on his lap. :)