Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bridget Mary

There are so many things about Bridget as a three year old that I want to remember. :)Here are just a few:
  • the copet (copy) game

  • "How old are you?" "I'm six and half, right mom?"

  • adorably pudgy thighs and chubby fingers

  • "I love you. You're my best."

  • free flowing hair

  • skirts every day

  • Rufus

I know the Lord smiled when he created you, sweet girl! We love your passion for life, your joy in the people around you and your precious, sweet spirit. :)


- Kailene said...

Bridget is such a blessing! What a sweet girl. :)

Beth said...

She is just the cutest little doll! I also love the way she smiles and laughs with such exuberance!

Heidi Jo said...

what a blessing and treasure a daughter is. so glad you are able to relish in her unique design!

Journey said...

Bridget, here is what I love about you: That you don't give away your love to just anyone- but when you give it, you give it all the way- and purely and sweetly :) That your hugs are like kisses from heaven :) That at such a young age, you already "consider." You are thoughtful, not rash. That as a friend to your family, I love seeing your Daddy's eyes light up and delight in you. That you are true, like your Mommy. That you delight in God's created things- and protect and care for His creatures. I believe you carry the precious secrets and treasures of God inside of you :) That you are all girl, but can roll with the boys! You are very loved little Bridgie- you are fearfully and wonderfully made :)