Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sign Language

We've been learning about different Native American tribes in school this week. We've studied some of their different houses and locations. Today we talked about how different tribes could communicate since they didn't speak the same languages.

One of our history books has a primitive sign language guide in the back, so we went to that and decided to try and communicate with one another.

It was a fun way to learn a little bit more about another culture. Henry and I carried on a conversation about horses, 'talking' back and forth with the few signs we could get each other to understand.

Not to be outdone, Jonah jumped into the game. His message?

The teepees are on fire!

We laughed and then told him to have his horses take water back to the teepees. He responded by telling us the horses were on fire too.

What a goofball! :)

This is a pretend pout, by the way. Jonah had a bike accident a few weeks back and ended up with a pretty good case of road rash on his nose and cheeks.


Heidi Jo said...

curious...when you study native american tribes, do you focus mainly on the ones closest in proximity to your location? just curious...since here our kids learn alot about the lakota----just wondered how it is in HS.

Beth said...

You're such a great teacher! Your kids are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

Aw, little Jonah's face looks so sore. Hope he is healing fast and that the fires are all put out, hehe.