Monday, September 20, 2010


This past weekend was ESOAL up at Teen Mania. It is an incredible event put on for the interns every year. Many alumni come back for this event every year, and this year was especially exciting because Sam's brother David (who created and runs this event) decided to participate for the first time ever. He asked Sam to be the major of EZ company, which was comprised of forty-some former staff and interns.
Sam enjoys facilitating this event. He is very gifted when it comes to leading people and he has a way of getting right to the heart of issues that people are dealing with. In the past years that Sam has been a major, those in his company have always been extremely grateful for his particular leading style and the way he pushes them to grow and stretch their faith. (Last year he was even chosen as ESOAL Major of the Year!) This year was no different but was a little more challenging for him as Sam had his brother in his company.

David did an excellent job and really became one with his company. We caught up with him yesterday out at the lake (after the end of ESOAL) and it was so fun to hear his stories and what he gained out of the event. We are so proud of him for going through this!
We went up to visit with Sam one night and spent some time watching everything that was happening. It's very entertaining to see what these people will do voluntarily! :) I can't talk though, because I went through it myself two years ago. While we were there we ran into David's kids, who had come up to see how their Dad was doing. It's always fun to have a little cousin time!
My kids missed their Daddy so much. He was gone from Wednesday night until Sunday morning. We had a wedding to attend on Saturday evening, so he showered and cleaned up, we picked him up and went to the wedding, then dropped him back off.

Sam, David, and all of the other facilitators and participants: I am so proud of you! I hope you learned and were stretched and challenged...and I pray the lessons you take away from ESOAL will remain fresh in your minds all of your days. :)


Jennifer said...

fun fun stuff! Does Sam know Carolyn Landers? She teaches English out there?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it was David 1st time.

I'm not so sure people do this voluntarily, LOL I think there is a push and a drive that makes them do the things they have to do.

I remember crying at home when I know Alicia was in it. I cried when I saw the video later, but then understood the benefits of a life changing event.

Something to be proud of for sure!

- Kailene said...

I'm so glad that Sam got to lead this awesome company! I thought of those participating/facilitating OFTEN this weekend. Thanks for updating with pictures and stories from the event. I know that ESOAL had a MAJOR influence in my own life!

Jennifer ... Carolyn Landers was my english teacher when I was at Teen Mania. I absolutely love her!

Beth said...

And I just heard this morning Sam won major of the year again! Awesome!