Monday, October 11, 2010

Florida Vacation Part 2--favorite pictures!

Mary Beth felt the need to clean the outside of the door to the public restroom.

I felt the need to take a picture of her doing just that.
My father in law is a goofy guy. Here he is announcing that he's ready to go for his morning walk.
We took the kids bowling for their first time ever. Henry loved every minute of it.
Jonah enjoyed bowling too; but then again, he enjoys everything.
My sweeties on the beach. I try to take this same picture every year. There is something about it that I just LOVE.
Sam and the kids resting at the airplane museum. I have the best family ever!
I am totally and indescribably blessed to be this awesome man's wife.
Cousin love.
Somehow I missed getting Henry in this picture, but this shot shows how well they all get along.
Matthew and Bridget had so much fun on this roller. It's some kind of miracle that neither one of them got hurt on it.
The whole crew.
These are the fun people who are crazy enough to vacation with us! :)
We are so grateful to have had a chance to go to Florida once again with our very favorite people. The Lord is so good to HIM be the glory!!!


Andrea said...

I love the picture of them facing the ocean! I do that too with every beach we go to.

I'm sure you're fun to vacation with! Me on the other hand...I have schedules and agendas that need to be accomplished :)

~Ginger said...

Can I just say, "I want to be a Hasz!"