Monday, November 22, 2010

Bridget's 'Shirdle'

Bridget's favorite activity, by far, is jumping on the trampoline. Usually she asks to go out there before breakfast (which I say 'no' to every time) and it's the first thing she thinks of when heading outside.
She spends time each day out there, jumping, playing, doing 'tricks' (which usually consist of dropping onto her knees and standing back up), and playing ring-around-the-rosy with anyone she can get up there with her.
We've had this trampoline since before Henry was two. We decided early on that we would not put up a netting enclosure, but we would focus on teaching our children how to be safe and stay away from the edges. We've spent much time in prayer over the trampoline, asking God to protect any children who ever step foot on it.

We had a trampoline accident last Sunday. Bridget was out there with Jonah and one of our neighbor boys jumping and playing. The boys decided to come in and Bridget planned to stay out and jump some more. The boys got about half way to the house when they heard Bridget crying loudly. She had decided to come in after all; and in her hurry to catch up with the boys, she chose to get down off the side of the trampoline instead of using the steps.

Coming over the side of the trampoline, Bridget slipped and fell directly on her shoulder. I heard her crying and met her in the yard. She was really upset (which is unusual for Bridget...she's a tough girl and not much makes her cry) so I brought her in to look her over.

We didn't think much of the injury and went on about our day. On Monday she was still complaining of a sore shirdle (Bridget's word for 'shoulder') and wouldn't lift her right arm up above her shoulder, so we decided she should probably see a doctor.

On Tuesday morning she had swelling and bruising on top of her right shoulder. We took her in to the local clinic, and the doctor immediately recognized signs of a broken clavicle. She sent her back for an x-ray to confirm, and it showed a crack right through her collar bone. Poor baby!

There isn't much to be done except to let the bone heal. It was so enjoyable to hear the doctor describe the way God designed our bodies to heal themselves, how she so clearly puts her faith in our true Healer! The doctor gave us a sling and asked us to keep it on as much as possible for the next 6-8 weeks. After not quite a week already, Bridget is a little tired of wearing the sling, but she is being a good sport about it. She has a little trouble getting dressed/undressed, but is otherwise not bothered by it. Her primary concern is finding out when we will let her back on the trampoline again. I'm thinking maybe when she's five! :)


- Kailene said...

Oh my!! What a brave girl Bridgett is. I hope she recovers quickly!

Alisa said...

Oh wow! I pray her shirdle heals quickly. I'm sure she's eager to get back to jumping :)

Shanygne said...

oh my word!! sweet wonderful Bridget! The best thing about kids and bones is that they heal stronger than they were before!! Now her shirdle will be like steel!

~Ginger said...

Poor little girl! That's awful! Hope she is feeling better and healing well.

Alicia was forced to do an "up down" at TM while an intern. (This was totally against rules, but the guys didn't know that apparently.) She broke her clavicle. Lindsey took her into Dallas to have it checked and they didn't catch the fracture. She was in extreme pain and many month later came home to find out that she was probably going to have to drop out of TM for therapy. Her shoulder began to freeze up. Praise the Lord she was determined to stay in TX and was completely healed with no therapy. I guess God wanted her at TM!

Job38 said...

Christian also broke his collar bone at about the same age. The evening that he did it he was saying that maybe he needed a cane like his grandpa. It about broke my heart, because at that point I didn't even know what was wrong with him and didn't know if it was going to be a permanent problem
It's nice to know the story behind Bridget's sling....I was wondering about it last time we had her in Sunday School.