Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Soccer 2010

Henry had another great season of soccer! I love that he plays two seasons every year, so it is easy to see his progress. And this year there was quite a bit! Henry learned how to 'head' a ball, improved his dribbling and worked on taking shots farther away from the goal. He learned that he really prefers to be a forward and has the speed, energy and talent to be succesful in that position. As a team they worked on passing the ball and how to better position themselves on the field. Our coaches worked hard and the Jayhawks were a pretty competitive team this year.

Ever faithful fans this year included Henry's grandparents, the lovely Dave and MaryBeth:
Henry's best friend (and our next-door neighbor) Blake:Our other neighbors, Miss AnneMarie and her granddaughter, Claire:
(who happened to be at the park and heard me yelling...what can I say, I get excited about soccer?)
and two of our beautiful friends, Ingrid and Crystal:
There were others too, but I either didn't get pictures or couldn't find them. :)

Here's Henry preparing to head the ball...
(I love the concentration/anticipation on his face!) Go, Henry, go! When Henry gets the ball, the other team usually can't keep up with him. :)
The Jayhawks, 2010
Back row, from left: Coach David, Kiana, Ty, Kaylee, Coach Lyle
Front Row, from left: Dawson, Henry, Dillon, Anastasia
(Not pictured: Brett, Brock, Cody, Ethan)

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Andrea said...

I'm glad Henry's doing so good! Lexi misses playing with him so much.