Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sam and I just LOVE playing cards. This has been a favorite pastime since the early days of our relationship.

We play at family gatherings, friend's houses, at our campsites, and here at our own house. We'll play by ourselves (if we HAVE to) but we prefer the company of others.
There is something so relaxing about sitting around the table with friends and chatting about our lives.
We've been blessed with wonderful friends and family who are up for cards many times a week. Because everyone's lives are busy, we don't have a specific night set aside for cards (although we were able to do that over the summer!) so we just call a few people when we have time to play and they show up in a few hours!
I don't often take pictures of card nights, but as I was going through some pictures today I found these...and I thought it's about time I posted them. This is an important part of our lives. Lots of things get discussed over cards. It isn't just for the fun of the game, it's for ministering to one another, sharing burdens and laughter, and getting to the heart of what is really on our minds. I always feel happy after a card night. :)Every now and again things get serious. ;)

I'm so thankful for our friends and family. If you have ever been over to our house for a card night, please know that I thank God for you and hope you were blessed as well! And any of you who haven't made it over for cards yet? You're invited too. :)


- Kailene said...

Have you ever played Rook? That's my favorite card game! (It has it's own deck of cards - not a normal deck) So fun!

Journey said...

I LOVE playing cards! That was a really fun cards night this week. And I especially enjoy the photo with the gun :) The look on Sam's face is priceless :) Thanks for this post, friend!

Heidi Jo said...

what card games do you play? my husband LOVES pinnochle and taught me in college. we have NO friends that play but we love cards too! if we're ever laid over in texas we'll be looking you up :o)