Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This week in school we are learning the song O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

It's one of my favorites and has become Henry's favorite this year too.
Today I reminded the kids that Emmanuel literally means "God with us."

After discussing what that actually means for a few minutes, I asked if anyone remembered the definition of Emmanuel.

Bridget's hand shot up in the air..."I know, I know! God is our friend."

"Yes, He is," I said, "but what did I tell you that Emmanuel means exactly?"

Jonah was eager to give me his version next..."Jesus beside us on earth."

"Well, yes. But what exact words did I tell you it means?"

Finally Henry, raising an eyebrow in exasperation with his siblings said, "God with us."

I think they get it. :)


- Kailene said...

I love this! That picture of your kiddos is DARLING. :)

Jennifer said...

love the picture....and what sweet little learners you have there! the nativity was cool!

Just Mom said...


Job38 said...

Very cute. It was nice seeing you in person for a few moments today. :)