Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sam has always been passionate about hunting. Some of his fondest memories are of elk or deer hunts with his dad in Colorado, or with his buddies in Montana. A majority of his vacation time is always spent in the great outdoors, in pursuit of one animal or another.

Moving to Texas changed the way Sam hunts, but it hasn't diminished it any. Last year Henry was old enough to go hunting with Sam for the first time (age six, in our family), and he continued to join Sam this year. Sam, his dad and Henry have been out quite a few times this year and have brought home three deer between them so far. Deer season is open here for a while longer, so I won't be surprised if they bring another one home soon. :)
It's been so fun for Sam to introduce Henry to hunting. Henry loves the special time spent with his dad and looks forward to the weekend trips. His favorite trip this year was the time they spent the night in a tent. They hunted the morning, fished the afternoon, hunted again in the evening and slept in a tent. That all equals heaven to my seven year old. :)
Even though Henry REALLY hates being cold, he doesn't mind so much if it involves hunting. Sam gets him all bundled up and gets him moving if he finds that they've been sitting too long.
We process and package our deer here at the house instead of paying someone else to do it. Sam and I have done this for years and have the system down pretty well, but this year we made it a family project. All the kids had a job and they LOVED being a part of it. It's always a little difficult for those left behind at home when the big ones go hunting. The almost six year old, Jonah, was especially sad this year. He felt old enough and was SURE that he would be able to be still and quiet. Instead, he spent time dressing up in all of his camouflage clothes and pretend hunted in the back yard with his sister. And you know Bridget is always willing to dress up in camo clothes! She can't wait until she's old enough to go hunting with her daddy...and even though I keep telling her it isn't next year, I think she thinks she will get to go when Jonah goes. We'll have to come up with something fun to do next year when ALL the boys are gone hunting.
One of Henry's favorite things to do is to 'glass a field'. He was pretty excited to teach me some of his new terminology this year. :)
Dave says hi from his hunting blind. Henry's dream is to have one of these of his own in the backyard that he can 'hunt' out of every day!


Heidi Jo said...

we are a hunting family here too. the boys for food, me for bargains. we don't process it ourselves however. chad does cut it all up and we make jerky out of much of it....but that's one mess i just can't take on! you are one mighty good woman!

Andrea said...

Thats great that they have a special bonding time!