Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

Spring/Summer is upon us here in Texas! The sheets are on the line to dry...
the chickens are back on egg-laying duty...
flowers abound, on the porch and in the fields...
abundance in the garden...
and I can't leave out a picture of the great new nest boxes that Sam built for me this week! :)

I haven't blogged in a month! I miss it and need to get some posts up. When we're busiest and have the most things I'd like to share, I tend to have the least amount of time. Even if I haven't posted them, I've continued to note the wonderful, lovely gifts in my everyday life. It is amazing how just taking the time to thank the giver, God the father, makes me notice even more of the simple, everyday ways He blesses me. Here are but a few to add to the never-ending list....

146. Sheets flapping as they dry on the line
147. new chicken nest boxes (Sam surprised me!)
148. time spent in the garden
149. a thriving garden (almost everything is coming up this year!)
150. Bridget's first birthday party invitation
151. a group of giggling four year olds in pajamas
152. Henry's TWO soccer goals at the game on Saturday
153. our new camper
154. old camper sold in less than 24 hours
155. finishing up classes, paperwork, home study, etc with Bair
156. friendship bread in a bag on the counter
157. making lists and filling the camper
158. chickens running happily around the backyard
159. neighbors who are willing to take our problem birds (the guineas) and give them a home
160. marigolds blooming all around our house
161. beautiful buckets of colorful flowers on the front porch, that I haven't let die yet :)
162. learning a new game with friends
163. getting that same new game in the mail from Amazon three days later
164. planning for my mom to visit (yay!)
165. finishing up a Bible study on the book of Revelation
166. Henry's first paying job (picking up a friend's yard)
167. watching two of my beautiful nieces dance in their year-end recital
168. packing Easter baskets for friends and family
169. warm, windy days
170. craft supplies lying all over the house from a spur-of-the-moment idea
171. neighbor kid's bikes left in our yard for days
172. a super clean house that lasted for two days!
172. a messy, kinda cluttered house that represents happy days
173. finishing Narnia and not wanting to put it away on the bookshelf
174. watching Nugget (dog) and Smokey (baby donkey) run up and down the fence line together
175. popcorn made in the new air-popper...yum!
176. Henry and Jonah's animal artwork decorating the refrigerator
177. great garage sale cowboy boots in Bridget's size for only a dollar
178. an easy and fun visit to the dentist with all three kids
179. Angry Birds on the ipad
180. family dinner out at Chili's
181. Jonah's first t-ball game of the season
182. Jonah catching a ball, hearing everyone yelling, "throw it to first, throw it to FIRST" and watching him look around, pause and then throw it home.
183. five little kids running between our yard and the neighbors with super-hero capes on
184. chocolate waffles for breakfast
185. finding Bridget's long-lost Dora water bottle in a little used backpack
186. a hole lovingly rubbed into Rufus's ear by chubby little toddler fingers
187. purple sparkly nail polish
188. red, white and blue popsicles eaten on the back porch
189. Sam jumping on the trampoline with the kids
190. bluebonnets, indian paintbrush, and so many other beautiful wild flowers dotting the fields and roadsides

Won't you join in and start counting your never-ending list of gifts, blessings, joys? :)


Joan said...

Lisa - reading your blessings reminds me of my childhood - sheets drying on the clothesline, chickens laying, running around the yard playing.

I loved reading this.

Heidi Jo said...

i love that you have a grateful heart. bless you! your list brings a smile to my face and encourages me to see these things in my own life!
i LOVE to see the sheets drying on the line!
happy easter week!

Shonna said...

I have missed you blogging! Your adventures bring me joy and make me laugh. I love it!!!!!

Just Mom said...

A multitude of blessings, indeed!

Happy Easter, Lisa!