Thursday, April 28, 2011

Springtime in Texas

When spring hits around here, we get pretty busy. Not only does it come earlier than I expect every year (I grew up in the North!), but it also brings with it beautiful (perfect, really) weather, kids sports like soccer and t-ball, field trips to the zoo and nature preserve, park dates with friends, and so much more! And this year we are getting licensed to be a foster home, and that has added even more to our schedule! Busy is good, though. Here are a few of the highlights from our fun, full spring! :)

The nature preserve with Ethan and of our favorite spots to ride bikes!I was able to attend a refreshingly encouraging women's conference (Momheart) in Dallas with my mother in law and good friend. The picture cracks me up because when we walked up to the horse statue, they both instictively stuck a finger in it's nose!
One of the many trips to the zoo on a sunny, windy day with friends!
We went to a friend's house to feed their animals while they were out of town, and we were surprised to find a brand new baby goat! That was a real treat.
Another trip to the zoo, with Bridget's friends this time.
Bridget with her buddies Mckellee and Emma...sweet little girls!
Flags over Bridget's bed...I think I was needing a creative outlet!
Picnic with Kelly and it!
Hanging at the play area of the zoo with Jordan and Matthew.
And one last shot of the nature preserve. The boys found a matching set of deer horns while we were there! :)

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