Sunday, November 06, 2011

Bridget's 4th Birthday!

Bridget is a girl with a plan. About six months before her birthday, she started telling me that she wanted a castle birthday. What fun, I thought! We could invite a bunch of little girls over in their princess dresses and have a really cute party. Visions of "Tangled"-themed games and decorations flowed through my brain. But when I pressed Bridget for more details about what she actually wanted, it turned out that she simply wanted a castle cake. She really didn't want a party at all! As her birthday got closer and closer I kept offering...telling her which friends we would invite, which games we could play, how fun it would all be...but to no avail. She just wasn't interested. She had made her mind up.

Bridget wanted the following:
a castle cake
Matthew and Jordan
a party with Matthew and Jordan ONLY at Grammy and Grandpop's house

So that is just what we did. :)

The castle cake turned out pretty cute. It had another tier to it, but the turret pulled it down before we were ready to serve it was remodeled.
On her actual birthday, the boys distracted Bridget while I decorated her room. I had found these great flower wall clings and put them up all around her room. They totally fit the purple-girly-fun theme she has going in there already. Bridget was so excited and sure that I had painted them onto her walls. It was a fun surprise!
The party at Grammy and Grandpop's house was great. Bridget requested hamburgers for dinner (her favorite!). She had plenty of time to play babies with Grammy while the other kids played outside in the sandbox. We had play clothes along for her but she just didn't want to take off her beautiful princess dress. Eventually she agreed. I'm not sure what Bridget's favorite gift was, but I know what mine was...Jonah had saved up his own money and bought a veggie tale movie (The Wizard of Ha's--fitting for our family, isn't it?) for her. It was just such a sweet gesture and Bridget loved it. It was just a perfect day for her.
Thankful for another special day spent with Grammy and Grandpop. So glad that we live close and can share life with them! :)
And here's my big FOUR year old girl!
Happy Birthday Bridget, we love you so much! You are growing into such a lovely young lady. I love how you light up a room with your wide smile and how you always come up with the most creative and fun games. You are always willing to go anywhere and do anything...and you're the bravest 4 year old girl I've ever met! You love to climb things (anything at all) and you love to read books more than anyone I know. I can't wait to see what God has in store for your future! Love you, Boo! :)


Job38 said...

Ah, sweet Bridget. I love her bday plan and I think it's great that you were able to give her her exact wishes. So special! And what cute wall decorations too!

Heidi Jo said...

i'd give her a castle cake and anything else that adorable face asked for! happy birthday to that sweet 4 year old!