Friday, November 04, 2011

Trip to Arizona

This summer my Mom and Jim treated us to an incredible vacation to Arizona! We had so much fun visiting their home during the summer. The only other time we've been to visit them was in April, and while the weather felt pretty perfect, the pool was a little cold during that visit. This time, their pool was about 80 degrees...perfect!
The kids and I flew down first and spent a few days before Sam was able to leave work and join us. One of the things we did without him was visit the Phoenix zoo. It is such a great zoo! We loved every bit of it. One of our favorite parts was playing around in the gnome house. Another highlight was petting the rays in a touch great!
I love that my mom is not afraid to 'monkey around' and have a good time with us! ;)
We took a picture in this same spot last year-I love the way the trees lean apart just perfectly framing us! Even though it was hot, there was plenty of shade and a bit of a breeze that day. We really had a good time! The kids also loved the splash pad area (I didn't take any pictures in that section) that has slides and waterfalls...they were soaked, but they dried up pretty quickly walking around in the sunshine!
Once Sam got into town, we celebrated our anniversary. My mom and Jim threw us a lovely party and showered us with fun was so cool. We don't always get to celebrate our special days together since we live in different states!
Sam ramped up the fun in the pool...he brings a little more rowdiness to the crowd. :) He thought it would be fun to build a tower of kids, but Bridget got very nervous at the last minute.
Because we are able to Skype regularly, the kids don't really feel like Grandma and Jim are so far away. When they see them they don't feel like it's been forever since they've seen each other. I'm so very thankful for that little invention!
We were treated to a trip to a new museum that is in the area as well. It was a neat place and they kids loved it. They had a touch tank there as well as lots of cool rooms to explore. The shark tunnel was probably our favorite spot.
My mom treated us to a trip to a local pottery-painting studio while we were there too. It was a great place with so many options that we hardly knew what to do! I made a cute little serving platter and the kids all made Christmas ornaments. My mom carefully packed them up and shipped them to us after they were glazed and fired...what a treat to find in the mail a few weeks after we got home!

We also spent a day at the library and signed up for their summer reading program. We got there the day the library was setting up a sidewalk sale with super-cheap kids instead of checking books out, we just bought a bunch. :) Near the end of the week the kids went back to the library to watch a Flat Stanley puppet show and do a craft. They all came home with summer reading treasures, and about a week after we got home we received their big books in the mail, courtesy of the library!

For the kids, one of the highlights of the whole trip is flying. They love airports, airplanes and all that goes along with travel. All of the kids traveled exceptionally well and I was so proud of them! We packed a few books, crayons and a few snacks in each of their bags, and they never once complained or found themselves without something to occupy their minds. It really makes it fun for me too, knowing that I can relax and enjoy traveling with them.
I am so grateful for my Mom and Jim. They value family so much and they always make us feel so welcomed and special. It is always a treat when we get to see them and spend time with them. Due to many little reasons, we have been blessed to see Mom and Jim many times this past year and we do not take it for granted. We are so thankful for you guys! We love you. :)

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Sounds like so much fun! I like that you got it all captured on camera.