Monday, November 07, 2011

Mulititudes on Mondays

Florida 2011
Sam and Lisa
Henry, Jonah and Bridget on the beach at sunset. :)
November is upon us and I just LOVE this season. Fall weather is here, Thanksgiving is coming, fall sports are winding down, lots of good things baking in the just the best. And along with all of that is my return to blogging...and my list of one thousand gifts, which I've neglected for far too long. So here goes, another batch for the never-ending list:

191. leaves falling from the trees
192. crunchy footsteps across the backyard
193. stacking firewood in preparation for winter
194. the first fire of the season
195. sitting in front of that fire with Sam, just enjoying an evening to talk
196. our new dog, Fred, who is such a joy
197. the ease of communicating through texting (saving me phone calls while I'm trying to teach my children)
198. homeschool routines falling into place
199. easy peel clementines-yum!
200. my three cameras (one of them is always handy no matter where I am)
201. Henry's first deer hunt
202. bonding between Sam and his son
203. Henry's first THREE deer
204. a freezer full of deer meat
205. a chicken who lays a bluish/green egg for me every day
206. Reader's Digest. There is always something interesting in there!
207. my strong, healthy husband who cut down all of our dead trees last week
208. the two trees that fell across the ditch, leaving two fun bridges for the kids to play on
209. a surprise coffee visit from a friend and time to catch up and visit
210. jell-o!
211. uplifting, energizing music playing in my kitchen
212. candy corn (shaped) cookies
213. extra boxes of kleenex for the sniffly season that seems to have descended on our house
214. home school field trip group
215. two scheduled field trips (dairy museum and the Nutcracker!)
216. the prospect of an upcoming ladies Bible study here in my home
217. GRACE
218. Christmas music (I'm not listening to it yet, but my husband is singing it already--and I love hearing him sing!)
219. Cub Scouts and the fun kids that I get to teach
220. hand drawn portraits of me, taped to the screen so that I see them every time I sit at the computer

I'll stop for now, but I have LOTS heart is overflowing with gratitude. I'm so thankful for so many, many things. Will you join me and start (or continue) to count the blessings in your life and watch how an attitude of thankfulness changes your life? :)


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Love your list - so much to be thankful for! And easy peel clementines, YES! I love those too :)

Job38 said...

My favorites on your list were:
I'm hoping to maybe come to your place tomorrow. Just not sure if I can or not...