Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Cable Company

On Tuesday afternoon I tried to get online to check my email, and I couldn't get on. I tried several different things, and finally called Sam in to fix it since I couldn't figure it out. He couldn't figure it out either. We were still getting cable, just not the broadband connection.

On Wednesday afternoon, I finally called the company. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I got an actual person on the line. The lady on the other end of the phone proceeded to tell me that we didn't subscribe to their internet services and never had. I explained to her that her company had run the cable to our computer, and delivered a modem to us. Mentioned that I had been using the service for over two months. When I asked her how we had been getting internet service for the last two months, she suggested that the people who owned the house before us had probably just forgotten to disconnect their service. Right. Even though this is a new house, I asked? At this point she started detailing all of the packages that we could choose from to buy from her. After I asked for a supervisor and waited 24 minutes for the lady to come back on the line and tell me, "My supervisor is on another call, but it should just be another moment...." I asked her to have him call me. Then I called Sam (who, as usual, saved the day!) and told him what was going on. He made a phone call. A few minutes later, a salesman called me, apologized profusely, offered me a free month of service and told me that I should be re-connected momentarily.

Now how does my husband do that? I spent over an hour talking to these people, getting nowhere, and he spent about 30 seconds and fixed the problem--and got us free stuff? I don't understand it! But I do think that maybe we could save time by having Sam make those kind of phone calls in the first place!


Beth said...

Is your company by any chance Verizon? I could (and should) write a book about them—total incompetency! Does Sam hire out for dealing with "those" kind of people—I'd pay top dollar!

We need to have Henry come over and play with Cole after the baby is born. The other day he asked me if Henry could come over to watch Diego with him. (I think Sam told Cole it was Henry's favorite show) :)

Marybeth said...

Love the picture! I think Sam must be his father's son or Maybe Dave is Sam's father.. Anyway, we had a similiar problem yesterday with a patio set that we bought at Walmart on clearance from Walmart to use down by the lake. It was marked down from $325 to $175 so we thought that was a good deal. They had one sitting out on the sidewalk in front of Walmart and the guy who was assembling the matching loveseat set said there were lots more in boxes inside. We paid for it THEN found out there were no more in boxes- there was just one in a dismantled box but were told that the manager said that one was SOLD- (to himself I'm sure). Anyway- we bought the one on the sidewalk- all assembled- and loaded it on to our already loaded down truck. We also bought the matching lovesseat set in a LARGE box. We got it all home and after unloading it found that there was a hole in one of the cushions- the covers for table and chairs were missing and there were several glides missing from the chairs. I called Walmart and talked to them and they said all we could do is bring it back and have our money refunded. Groan. This morning DAVE called the Cust. Service number on the sticker on the table- also a Walmart rep. He is going to: Send us a new cushion, send out the covers and send out the glides. How does Dave do that????

Michelle said...

I have always been amazed at the results the Hasz men can get. When I worked for David, I would transfer parents who were SCREAMING at me to him and then listen in. He would always have them laughing and thinking they were best friends by the end of the call. Amazing to me:-)