Friday, January 26, 2007

Sam's car

Here's an interesting picture to share:

It's a car battery with a wrench attached. When Sam went to leave for work a few days ago, his car wouldn't start. The battery connections were bad, so he had me stand at the battery and tap the connectors with a hammer while he started the car. A few sparks later (yes, scary!), the car was running perfectly.

When Sam came home that night, he called me out to the garage to show me the "fix" he had come up with so he could make it home from work. He drove home from work with a wrench holding his battery connectors on! I was impressed enough to take a picture, but I am happy to report that he did replace the connections that night and hasn't had any trouble since. :)


Jennifer said...

I can't see the picture!!!

Ginger said...

Leave it to a guy, right? Great picture, but your "guess what this is?" was way more fun!

Beth said...

I knew he could build anything . . . I didn't realize he was a mechanical genius as well!

For the record, because my dad could always fix everything growing up, my sisters and I assumed ALL males were like this. ( A lot of pressure on husbands just incase you guys ever have a daughter or two). : )

Jennifer said...

I can see the picture... lol - go sam!

Just Mom said...

Well ... he was creative, that's for sure.