Sunday, December 16, 2007

Buddy, Blanket and Rufus

I know this picture might be a little hard to decipher, but this is Bridget with Rufus. Rufus is a super-soft, floppy-eared, white and green puppy dog. Also known as Bridget's FAVORITE toy in the world! It has become her lovey, and I'm happy with her choice. (By the way, a speical thanks to Beth, my sister-in-law, for giving Bridget this wonderful gift!)

Bridget doesn't prefer to sleep anywhere besides her crib. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a necessity--we're on the go during some of her naptimes or out past her bedtime. What I've found helps her to fall asleep is having this little dog with doesn't seem to matter where I put her as long as Rufus is along! She pulls the ears down over her eyes and rubs them along her cheeks, and she is instantly comforted.

So all three of my kids have a lovey, or comfort item. For Henry it was (still is!) Buddy, a formerly yellow giraffe. Buddy is always nearby, but sometimes he is out of sight. In this picture Henry has put him down for a nap:

And Jonah is still a blanket boy. I think he would have a mental breakdown if he lost his blanket. Sometimes we wonder if it isn't attatched to the end of his fingers!

Anyone else out there have kids with special comfort items?


~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Two of my kids had blankies. I finally had to cut Lindsey's into small pieces until she could part with it. We put it in a drawer where she could look at it whenever she wanted. Finally she forgot about it.

Jen had one, too. It was a nightmare if that thing ever turned up missing.

Grace said...

Yes, my kids have 'boppys' better know as a blanket. My oldest made up this word for his blanket when he was small.

My two youngest children have satin ones, that they loooove! My oldest has two special blankets, which he's grown out of unless he's sick.

Grace said...

Oh, cute picture of Bridget and Rufus!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

ALL 3 of my kids have lovies! My 10 year old probably doesn't know where his is right now but when he is scared or sick, he asks for blanky and lamby.
My 9 yr old has her blanky! One corner is her favorite - its name is nubbies. Sh ekeeps it under her pillow.
The baby has a blankie bear (which we lost once and Carter's had discontinued so I had to get another off of ebay - the longest 3 days of my life!!)that goes EVERYWHERE with us!

Honestly? I think I am more attached to these than they are!!

Just Mom said...

My son doesn't have a Buddy, Blanket or a Rufus. He once had a pacifier he was quite fond of, but thank goodness he grew tired of that.

Heidi Jo said...

oh that picture of bridget is adorable! i love the crib bedding.

three have blankies...and one likes his teddy.

and yes, by 'having' blankies...i mean we have them or we have meltdowns.

michelle f said...

My 3 all had their comforts but all different as well. The strangest is Tori's...a small not so soft pillow she calls 'BaBa'...strange but she loves it.

Beth said...

I'm so glad she loves that little dog. I fell in love with him at the store. : )

My kids are all quite attached to the blankets their Aunt Ninnia made for them when they were born . . . and yes, that would also include my 12 and 9 year olds. : )

sam said...

I am really comforted by my power tools.

{ Kiddos & K9s } said...

oh yes... one has his thumb, the other a stuffed lamb. At least one of those you can take away if you need to...

I love the boots by the way... that's priceless.

~ kim