Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy Weekend!

These pictures are from Friday's story time at the local library. Yes, the library.

I LOVE living in a small town! The library here has an annual event where they bring cows and calves for kids to touch and feed. They supplied these HUGE bottles and let the kids give the calves milk--it was too cute. Henry had fun feeding a calf and petting them all. Jonah didn't want any part of feeding them, but he enjoyed petting them and running around in their trailer. Bridget thought it was really exciting. She kept grabbing handfuls of the cow's hair (or it's ears!) and then laughing very hard. By the way, the calves in the pictures above were three days old. They're pretty big, huh?

Thankfully, this was all happening outside the library. Inside the library, the kids were treated to a cute story and then snacks and craft time. The people that run the dairy brought different kinds of cheese, chocolate milk and oreos for the kids and they also passed out goody bags to all the kids and had t-shirts as door prizes. Then the kids had the chance to decorate card-stock cows (or chickens, for some reason) with all sorts of fun textiles (feathers, cotton balls, googly eyes, scrunchy paper, etc...).

Today (Saturday), we started the morning off with Henry's soccer game. What fun! It really seemed like the kids were all having fun and they knew what they were doing today. And the entire team was there too, which is an unusual occurance!

After the soccer game today we had a good friend's birthday party to attend. It was held at a great place that has a skating rink and inflatable bounce houses (some inside and some outside). Henry has been telling me all week how he COULDN'T WAIT to "skate on the ice" instead of just the carpet. The ice is, of course, the skating rink. :) We have been to this place before and Henry prefers to stick to the carpeted areas. The carpeted areas slow down the skates, making it easier for him to stay on his feet.

He did really well! After trying out "the ice" Henry decided maybe he would just stick to the carpet after all. He didn't even want to hold my hand, preferring instead to shuffling along by himself. I was so proud of that little guy!

Have I mentioned our neighbors at the new property? The people that live right next door have a whole bunch of kids. The two youngest are maybe 11 and 12. Every time we are out at the property, they come running over to talk to us and then ask if the boys can play. They are the nicest kids, and they just come over specifically to see the boys. They are always polite, and they have incredible amounts of patience with my children.

The reason I am bringing them up today is that we ran into them at the skating rink. Henry could hardly believe it when his friend Michael came skating over and said hi to him! That pretty much completed Henry's perfect day! :)

Oh, and speaking of the property....there has been progress! Check it out!

This is the wood that will make up our new home!

Have a great Sunday!!!!


michelle f said...

I don't remember any cool libraries in E. Texas. :-)

Sounds like fun!

Kim said...

We would have missed speech therapy for that one! Sounds like it was a fun day! We'll have to remember for next year...

I bet Henry and Jonah are sleeping well this weekend!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

When our kids were small we had this great kind of community and library as well. Gotta love it.

What an answer to prayer it would be for you guys to have awesome neighbors who love your kids.

Grace said...

What a cool library! My kiddos would love this. I think that's a great experience for children...feeding animals. Great photos, and it looks like SO much fun.

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your soon to be new home! How EXCITING!

Tamara B. said...

We love going to the library, too. But we don't have anything as cool as cows coming for a visit!

Andrea said...

The library was great. Can't wait til next year...

Just Mom said...

"Thankfully, this was all happening outside the library."

Phew! I was beginning to wonder...