Thursday, April 10, 2008

Look who found her legs!

Bridget recently figured out that her legs work for something other than bringing her toes to her mouth. :) She LOVES to much so that she won't bend her legs for me to sit her down on the floor. She has pulled herself up (using my shirt) to standing a few times already--go, Bridget!
Here's her fan club. See how they're encouraging her.....aren't they great big brothers?

Here's a picture of Bridget with her Granddad.

I love seeing my kids with their grandpop. I didn't ever have a chance to know either of my grandfathers--they both died when I was very young. So it is especially sweet for me to see my kids with their grandfather--and Bridget and Granddad seem to have a great bond!


Andrea said...

She's getting to big. The baby phase just goes to fast. She's such a cutie though. Austin had his music program tonight, so we didn't make it to soccer either.

Beth said...

She is growing up so fast! Isn't it great that you're able to record all these wonderful moments to remember? : )

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I just can't believe that she is 8 months old already!

I'm thinking Bridget is one blessed little girl to have such a great grandfather.

Kim said...

Grandpas are very special... Mine was the best. Bridget is very lucky to have that bond. And she might not have the memories of time w/him, but she'll have the pictures, thanks to her mom.

Grace said...

I love these pictures! I love it when my boys dote on their baby sister, too.

How fun to watch your little one grow. What great big brother they are encouraging her. Sweet boys!

Such a precious picture of Bridget and grandpop. Sweet memories.

Just Mom said...

Oh my goodness! Look at her!

I love that proud smile on her face.