Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just when I thought I had it all together....

Sam was out of town this past weekend. I volunteer to work in the church childcare every other Sunday, and this weekend was one of mine. I work during the later service so I try to get to the early service so I don't have to miss church.

I got up early Sunday morning and got myself ready. Then I got the boys breakfast, got Bridget nursed and fed her cereal, everyone dressed, made sure everyone's teeth were brushed, and had everyone go potty. I even had time to enjoy a cup of coffee while dashing around getting everything done. I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

At 9:27 we pulled into the parking lot, and since church starts at 9:30 we were right on time. Again, I'm patting myself on the back.

Henry hopped out of the van, chattering about who he was going to see in class today. I unbuckled Bridget and grabbed her diaper bag, then turned to see why Jonah wasn't out of the van yet. At the same time, Henry leans back into the van, looks at Jonah and says, "Joe, why don't you have any shoes or socks on?"

Ummm...that's a good question.

He wasn't quite sure why he didn't put any on, but he sure was sorry! (Don't you love his little pout?)

You might wonder how I wouldn't notice this?

Well, I was too busy patting myself on the back for getting my family to church on time to see that my three year old wasn't wearing any shoes! Pride had reared it's ugly head.
So we headed back home to get shoes and socks and then came back to church--by this time, very, very late! :)


Just Mom said...

Ah ... one of those mommy moments you'll remember fondly. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was okay for East Texans to go to church bare feet. Y'all are so laid back that I didn't think anyone would notice :)

Heidi Jo said...

oh yeah, i can relate. we've managed to leave without shoes before. it's usually one of the older ones, as i expect them to realize that they will need shoes for an outing.

gotta just laugh about it...i'm with ginger though, we are talking texas here, so shoes really aren't all that necessary for warmth:0)

Grace said...

Lisa, you are such a WONDERFUL mother, and your children are very blessed! I really enjoyed reading this post...I love your attitude towards motherhood.